Soooo... these star ask thingys are cementing my opinion of you as the absolute cutest and funniest person I follow and I just... I just think you're great, okay? Okay. *slinks away to her creepy corner.*

IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. I DEMAND THAT YOU HAVE A FUCKING STUPENDOUS DAY. Also that you keep being awesome, but I doubt that's much of a hardship for you at all. <333

so far i’ve been woken up by little kids at 8am but it wasn’t that bad because they were wishing me a happy birthday, so

scattermybrains replied to your post: do you remember my hands on your wrists? delicate…

I just needed to let you know that I already have a huge problem with wincest giving me all the best feels in the world. But reading this just multiplied it by like… 57 or something. It’s amazing.

 ramblingeekette replied to your postramblingeekette replied to your post: do you…

Seriously you have no idea. All the feelings. You fucking nailed it. I not even going to lie when I say I bookmarked that post because that right there? Amazing.

i’m just gonna

hang out

over here