yeah it’s totally 100% okay for you to sleep and shed the remainder of your winter coat where i put my face when i sleep

what does it mean when your cat wails and hides under your sheets like a little wiener



so fucking smiley (✿◡‿◡) 5/5 would pet

emily how are all your pets so CUTE

we’re ridiculously blessed

neko was sleeping next to me and then my nephews came downstairs and she startled awake, gave me this horrified expression with her ears back and her eyes HUGE, meowed really loud and like THREW herself under the bed sheets omfg

as some of you may know, my cat isn’t the happiest nor the friendliest of feline but i love her all the same

anyway right now she’s laying beside me and she just turned on her back to offer me her tummy when i wasn’t even petting her, and she’s looking at me like i just slaughtered her litter of kittens and totally betrayed her trust and i can’t figure out if it’s because i’m not petting her tummy (which she kinda hates now that i think about it) or if she thinks i somehow compelled her to roll over

someone sos this cat is freaking me out

the position i’m in is really uncomfortable but i can’t move because neko decided to settle on my other side and every time i shift she digs her claws into my thigh and looks at me

my cat just crossed the living room to come try and sit on my chest but there’s no room for her with the way i’m sitting/the way my laptop is perched on my stomach and leg, but she tries to climb up anyway and i went, “what do you think you’re doing? there’s no room up here for you, turn around fat ass” and she looked at me and walked away omg i’d swear on my life that she rolled her eyes at me