TEEN WOLF AU: where Visionary was about Kate Argent fucking up people’s shit—all with that black widow smile.

homedude that just got fucked looks kinda like the dude from the mummy somehow melded with till lindemann

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Title: Oh Glory
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Jess
Rating: hard R, for non-explicit sex, language and some gore
Any warnings: dark!AU, serial killer!boys, character death, gore, implied underage sex, (ages not stated), mild spoilers for the pilot
“It’s nothing personal, sweetheart,” Dean lies easily, that wretched, beautiful grin still stretching his lips. Fingertips gently brush a strand of tear-soaked hair from Jess’ eyes as Dean leans down, gets his eyes real close to hers. “It’s just that, Sammy’s mine, see? And I’m taking him back. You understand, don’t you?”



Sterek, because I can’t draw Sam/Dean/Cas/Gabriel at the moment.

Who would like to write me fanfic of Derek intentionally using his claws on Dylan during sex in a pain/bloodkink kind of way?

… Anyone?

Fic: In This Twilight How Dare You Speak of Grace


Author: Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Words: 28,714
Summary: Zombies. Stiles always knew the world would end this way.

Stiles didn’t have much room in his Jeep, just enough room for he and Derek, sometimes Erica. The caravan that they drove in had about ten vehicles in it, most were bigger, had room for more people. Stiles’ Jeep was used as a scout. He and Derek drove ahead, talking via walkie talkies with the rest as they drove. As soon as Derek packed the tent, they were off. Chris pointed on a map to Derek where they were headed. Stiles didn’t pay any attention, because that was Derek’s job. The one day that Derek put Stiles on map duty, Stiles flipped out because he got them lost. Stiles was the driver, end of. (x)


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