Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nimoy | Opening Night Performance of “Red”

Displaying emotion may be highly illogical for Mr. Spock, but tears come easier to Leonard Nimoy. Just ask what it was like observing the scene when a young James Kirk (Chris Pine) first meets a cranky Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban), and the memories of his days with the original Bones overwhelm Nimoy with phaser-like force.

“I started crying - and it still moves me now,” he says, voice quavering as he remembers his old pal DeForest Kelley, who passed away 10 years ago this June. “I loved De Kelley, salt of the earth. I cried a lot watching this production.” (TV Guide interview with Leonard Nimoy, 2009)

The Lazy Song feat. Leonard Nimoy (x)

“When Karl Urban introduced himself as Leonard McCoy and shook hands with Chris Pine, I burst into tears. That performance of his is so moving, so touching and so powerful as Doctor McCoy, that I think D. Kelley [DeForest] would be smiling, and maybe in tears as well.”

Leonard Nimoy (via fainauriel)