mfsldfmls THANK YOU :D

movies that make me cry

  • most of them
  • pretty much all of them

those that had me crying the longest

  • the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe (i’ve read the books several times and yet i cried like a BITCH omg i had to pause the movie i was crying so hard and forty-five minutes later i resumed it not even lying)
  • armageddon (i’ve seen it so many times but i still cry dear lord)
  • pearl harbor (fml same as above)
  • return of the king (specifically the beacon lightning scene—every fucking time, man, EVERY FUCKING TIME)
  • land before time (the original one, been crying for years ok man fucking LITTLE FOOT’S MOTHER MAN, and the one with the night flowers and the grandpa tears forever)
  • the lion king (ffs man fml)
  • king arthur (all of the fucking knights JESUS CHRIST I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT)
  • marley and me (no man NO)
  • star trek [xi] (fuck YOU opening SCENE)