When Link fought the mighty Bongo Bongo, how was he able to hold the Lens of Truth to see it and fire his bow at the same time?

he taped the lens to his face obviously


precursors to the shades of truth whoop whoo



sketch request #4

percolatorrs asked: fluffy aos mckirk! snuggles or cuddling, perhaps in the captain’s chair? :D

Captain-sitting can be tiresome work.

(Eeee- thanks for this request. I’ve been itching to draw some McCoy/Kirk in a while. There’s another request that’s similar to this but I’ll keep them separate. Hope this fits what you wanted.)


i solemny swear i was up to practice male anatomy when suddenly sterek


that boy is a monster (m-m-m-monster)


"Maybe it’s because I missed you."

She laughs.  It’s the best thing he’s heard in months.

I had a bad hit of Berica feels guys, so I had to try drawing them once to cope.


’ Killing must feel good to God too, he does it all the time, and are we not created in his image?’ ~Hannibal



More big dumb AUs, ‘cause I make good life decisions or something!! Mostly I just wanted to mess around a bit, though drawing this was kind of pointless and was primarily an excuse for me to ramble??

I reeeeally like superpower AUs, but they rarely have the powers I want Q__Q Anywho, in this, Beacon Hills has an unusually high number of people born with abilities in one place and it’s the best worst kept secret, because everyone there knows, but no one talks about it and it never leaves the county limits. 

Scott has empathic mimicry, but when his abilities first kick in, he’s only able to shuffle through one or two abilities at a time. Stiles has psychometric telepathy because I have a thing about characters who’re covered up a lot having touch-based abilities shhhh, though he limits his ability to just psychometry and communication. Stiles carries an old keychain of Scott’s (as suggested by grimm!) and his dad’s watch, so he can connect to them as needed. He later steals something of Derek’s for the same reason and he’s really not amused by it at all.

They meet Derek when Scott accidentally snags his power without realizing it and freaks out when it activates. All the Hales had abilities but the Argents do not except Allison, who was hiding it from her family, up until Kate finds out.


Peter that mustache is becoming seriously suspect


Derek Hale can’t get a break

There he goes to a new mistake

How much more can he take?

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"Station management has opened its door for the first time in my memory and is now ROAMING THE BUILDING………"


will i ever be satisfied with the way i draw these two? no, probably not.


I want Mama Stilinski to be aliiiiiive