i have this cat named elmo and he’s really old and kind of crazy but a total sweetheart, but anyway elmo wandered away like two weeks ago and i kinda resigned myself to the fact that he was probably going off to die but what can i do y’know he’s nearly as old as i am

well today while smoking outside i saw him

i saw him and he ran up to me and started rubbing against my leg

bitch had recently got a bath and someone put this stupid ass blue collar on him

he’s making these throaty little snores and occasionally waving his front paw and kicking the side of my computer with one of his back paws

elmo what are you doing

cool just got bitchslapped by a dreaming cat

time for some leverageeee

and ignoring 1d and btr and tony and jessica bc they SUCK

i think my cat may have died, lol

two for one kitties! i didn’t even know elmo was sleeping on the floor until i took the picture and uploaded it

i got up when i was reading last night at like 1am to re-situate my sheets, and elmo climbed in my bed and under the sheets while i was making it

do any of your cats lick themselves really theatrically? neko is literally rolling all around my bed to lick herself

elmo sometimes raises his foot and forgets to lick himself, so his leg is still in the air for a few minutes before he realizes that he didn’t lick it fmsdfklasf

pre-tron picture, post-tron picture

i used their butts as pillows during the movie fmdklfmasdf

attempt to put pants on in the morning…cats swarm your lap

i woke up to two cats spooning me

two cats that dug their claws in when i tried to get up

two cats that followed me to the bathroom, watched me piss and then weaved through my legs as i went back to my room to brush my teeth on my bed


sleeping with my cat, elmo, is starting to get on my nerves

elmo is the most needy cat ever

he won’t let you leave until he’s finished snuggling, nails in my thighs