so i just got home from class and running errands with my father, and i decided to make salads for the household pets. i made kim’s two hamsters a little salad, nick’s two hamsters a little salad, my own hamsters a little salad and a little salad for leonard. leonard is currently eyeballing his from across the tank (i think he’s attracted to the colors of the raspberries and butternut squash but he’s always really hesitant to eat the things i give him until he realizes there’s nothing in there that’s gonna bite him back), but my hamsters have perked up towards the smells.

sulu stole half of the raspberry i gave them (which is nearly the size of them, dear LORD) and ran back into their hut.

but chekova, as you can see, is making love to a piece of squash.

the way she’s eating her treat is downright pornographic

i was thinking about when polina and hotaru pass (ugh, i do not want to lose my hamsters ;___; curse you circle of life), i may get a turtle and name him spock

so i usually give my hamsters fresh carrots and pieces of apple every couple of days, just as a treat to go with their hamster food and the alfalfa cubes in their cage (and this bar treat thing i can’t even name but they fucking LOVE IT)

well today after chopping up leonard’s greens and shredding some carrots for him, i had some excess mustard grass and half a carrot. so i decided that, if i had any extra greens, i would give it to the hamsters.

polina is currently going fucking bonkers over the mustard grass, and hotaru just woke up and is exploring the greens. i don’t know why it took me ‘til now to think to offer it to them, but i’m glad i did!

oh, and leonard is currently stalking his greens. he fucking loves mustard grass, but he always checks it to make sure i didn’t put anything alive in it before he eats it. he prefers to eat the live stuff, first.

also: ridiculously happy fat hamster

…sulu just squirted a mouthful of water out at chekova


my hamster thinks she’s squirtle?

oop and now she’s smearing her face all over the glass?

i see we are showing our rodents. here’s chekova. i would show sulu, but she’s being a bitch at the moment.

y’know what’s not cool? bonding with your hamsters after you change their cage…and then the one notorious boob hamster (chekova) slides down my chest and into my tank top…

and deposits a mouthful of seeds and alfalfa

i’m still picking seeds out |:

it’s blurry because hotaru kept fucking going everywhere

chekova is all cool and shit and then hotaru is a fucking spazz

fucking pilots man


she is one of chekova’s pups
she’s extremely fast and likes to play on my shoulders

you can barely see chekova lol
she’s gained weight since the others left, because she no longer has to share food with 6 other hamsters