YOU HAVE A CLASS THAT GOES OVER STAR WARS?! What were your points for Dagobah? I've never thought of it that way.


anyway, here were some of my points

  • let’s start with the climate: warm, moist, kinda dark
  • it’s crawling with reptiles, which often symbolized fertility and child-birthing by the earth goddess (note how there are tons of snakes all around, luke fucking runs with yoda on his back and goes into the dark side cave/cave of evil and not one of those motherfuckers does more than hiss, roll its eyes and slither the fuck on)
  • luke to yoda: “there’s something familiar about this place” though he has never been there before (this could be because maybe dagobah is force sensitive, but for the sake of my argument: NO)
  • in the cave of evil/dark side cave (whatever you wanna call it), luke faces himself/darth vader, which could be the planet preparing him for his future battles
  • it allows him to grow and strengthen his abilities with the force in a safe environment

there were more but i forgot

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