speaking of people thinking my salt and burn necklace is crack instead of rock salt

i went to 7-11 the day before yesterday to return a movie for my father from the redbox thing, and there was a woman there renting a few movies

naturally the machine takes FOREVER so we were standing there awkwardly for like five minutes

a car speeds by because the driver is enough of a douche to speed outrageously on the busiest street in town, and she looks over at me and does a double take at my necklace and says, “that’s not what i think it is, is it?”

and then i explained to her, no, it was rock salt, not crack, and then rather than explain to her the symbolism of it from spn, i asked her if she knew the saying, “throw some salt over your shoulder to ward off evil”

and her dvds finished and she took them and shrugged her shoulders, and as she walked away she said, “you ever try jesus?”

and i told her: “jesus is a cool guy n’all but satan does that thing with his tongue

and she sputtered and ran off and aimee honked the horn at me

  1. deadbyproxy ha dicho: OH, MY GOD. EMILY I SUCK YO DICK
  2. sammifer ha dicho: good emily. very good.
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  4. fuschur ha dicho: beautiful
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