also btw i'm no longer nofortsforwhatheloved but BOTTOMHANNIBAL y'all praise be

how does this blog keep gaining followers y’all i haven’t been blogging on here for months now like ffs i’m over here at bottomhannibal

Can I have this URL x:

no, sorry :-/ i’m gonna keep it open as an archive, plus i’m really partial to devils-trap and it’d be weird if someone else was using this url

Why did you move blogs

mostly because i wanted to start fresh and be able to tag things the way i wanted to without having to go through the hundred thousand plus posts on this blog

plus, it’s nice to be able to track your username’s tag lol

there’re still like 4k+ of you here and i’m still following 200+ on this blog and i’m way too lazy to be unfollowing people oh my god

there are so many of y’all still following this blog, which i appreciate but? i’m no longer going to be posting stuff on this blog (other than reminders that i’ve moved every now and then) but on this blog

is it that y’all loved this blog so much or are y’all just lazy lol

gentle reminder that i moved!!

i actually just changed my url today too so!!! :-)